Bio Protech Pro-Tab Electrodes PT-2334

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Comparable to the Burdick Cardiosens Ultra II and 3M resting tab electrodes

Product Description

PROTAB ECG Tab Electrodes are self-adhesive, non-sterile, single use disposable electrodes for diagnostic resting ECG. ECG Tab electrodes are composed of a PET tape, Ag/AgCl ink and a conductive gel. These are configured as 10 (ten) electrodes applied to a siliconized transparent PET card, ten cards per pouch.

• 1000 per box
• Comparable to the Burdick Cardiosens Ultra II resting tab electrodes
• Silver/Silver chloride (Ag/AgCllayer) and solid adhesive gel give patient fast, accurate, clear tracings under all types of conditions.
• Silver/Silver Chloride sensing system is defibrillation recoverable.
• Strong solid adhesive gel with hypoallergenic for consistent tracings.
• Product and packaging are latex-free and hypoallergenic.
• Compatible with all machines.
• Leaves no residue on patient skin after treatment.
• Tabs attach to alligator clip connectors at the pin terminations of patient cable lead-wires.

Technical Specifications:
• Order Code-PT-2334
• Shape-Poise
• Size(mm)-23 x 34
• Material-PET,Ag/AgCl
• Patient / Use / Period-General / Diagnostic / 2days


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